Wednesday, 8 June 2011

the value of being prepared

(image courtesy of my son's file)

Here's one thing you may not know about me.
I'm a very spontaneous person and when it comes to the way I react to information I'm given, this trait of mine has often got me in trouble; not because I'm wrong, but because I'm honest; I can't pretend, not when being caught off guard. 
On the other hand, I can be very diplomatic if I get a chance to think things through (we're talking about Oscar-winning performances at times)
Remember the issues at work I mentioned last week?  Someone wanted to manipulate me and I was furious at first but I was wise enough to take time to think and plan and I finally had things done my way, sounding very polite and obliging (' I really wish I could help you with that but you see I've already...' !)
What made the difference? I was told what was being planned behind my back (thank you little one's teacher!)

On a different note, I've got good news to share.
I'm going home today for five whole days! I've taken a leave for Friday because I need to go to my village and do the preparations for my mum's two-year memorial service on Saturday. But I'm lucky it seems, as Monday is a bank holiday and tomorrow schools are closed in my area because of a teacher's meeting I don't really have to attend.
How's that for a mood lifter?

I'll 'see' you next week; I need to stop by your places; I've been reading quietly lately and I think it's time I waved 'hello'!


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

How lucky that you were aware of the actions and were well prepared. Yes, being surprised with bad news can catch us off-guard and lead us to say the wrong thing. I've done that, too. I'm glad you were able to turn it around!

Have a relaxing visit home :)

Birdie said...

Have a wonderful time back home! Gorgeous picture :-)) how old is your son? Sending love!

jabblog said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. I hope your weekend is rewarding - it can hardly be happy, I think.

Joy said...

Five special days. Best wishes for the precious time of your mums memorial.

Yiota said...
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