Friday, 17 June 2011


I've been  living in a whirlwind lately.
The visit home was great (though emotionally intense on the day of my mum's memorial service). There was time for slowing down, time for seeing friends, time for attending an end-of-school-year event at our neighbourhood...

However, since we came back here on Monday, our time has been filled with commitments: end-of-year events at our schools, going out with the teachers from one school, then the other, and later today with my son's teachers...
At the same time, I've been waiting for job-related news for ages; and when the criteria by which it will be decided who will be transferred where were finally announced, I felt the earth move under my feet; there's a chance I'll need to be here again in september (for the next school year) and we'll only find out late august! So we decided to keep the flat until we know for sure. I explained the situation to our landlords and they said that was fine but then there was a mix up with their daughter and now we have to move!
Are you still here? I wouldn't blame you if you weren't!
I tell myself that every obstacle has a reason and things usually turn out for the best, but still I feel numb at times and dizzy at others.
So now, instead of packing our clothes and leaving on Tuesday, I  have to pack everything and move next weekend.
Seeking distraction, I was reaquainted with my sewing machine. I made two hearts for my son's teachers. Choosing fabrics, ribbons and buttons was really relaxing; little one helped me with the colours and I have to say I am thrilled at how they turned out.

Meanwhile, my son's first tooth will soon fall out and I had to act fast; you see, I promised I'd make him a cushion for the fairy to find his tooth in and leave him some seeds in exchange (an idea I came across in a blog, of course) but never actually got round to making it. I knew I was going to use his old sleeping bag(? - no idea how these things toddlers sleep in so they won't get cold are called!) and it took me about ten minutes to make it. I'm astonished at how happy this little cushion has made him! He hugs it all the time and he's even put his regular pillow aside and is now napping with this one. Amazing!

Hope I haven't bored you with all this!
Have a great weekend!


jabblog said...

Love your sewing projects:-)
How unsettling for you, having to move and not knowing where you'll be needed in September.

marigold jam said...

Life can be a ***er sometimes can't it? I hope you will find somewhere to rent for September if it turns out that you need to stay. Love the little hearts and that cushion too. In England we put the tooth under the pillow and the fairy leaves a silver sixpence or at least she used to not sure what happens now we don't have sixpences! Must be a 5 pence coin I expect! One of the ladies at my knit and natter group had made a lovely little cushion for her little girl who was going to spend the weekend with her dad (they are sadly separated) and didn't want to go and she had incorporated a photo and in the pocket had put some felt Xs to represent kisses from her mum! Everyone needs something to hug don't they - maybe you could have a cushion to hug too?

Sarah said...

Oh it all sounds just like normal life to me! I always think there will be a time when everything will be done and I can just sit down and enjoy life-but that never happens so what happens needs to be enjoyed instead!
Hope things get sorted soon though!

Joy said...

Cheers Yiota, it is hard to be so unsettled. Imagine being able to do such a creative sewing at a time like this! You are amazing and the things you made are gorgeous! Good luck to your son with that wobbly tooth!

Lisa said...

Things always have a reason for happening, and are mostly good if we resist the temptation to resent.
I hope you find a nice place to move to.

Good job with your sewing projects!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Hello Yiota! You sewing is beautiful! I just love them both especially the tooth cushion for your son's tooth! Good luck with the move - it must have been an unpleasant shock to hear that you could not keep your same accommodation. Hope you get a summer break soon!
Lucy xxxxxxx

Feline said...

Often things just don't make any sense at all when they happen. They do tend to fall in place when you look back. At the time, there's just confusion and hurt and sadness and frustration and anger. Things do happen for a reason and I think you know why I say this so hang in there. Big hugs.

Christina said...

i love you, my friend.